Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm planning on adding to my drum set soon.

I'm planning on adding an 8" tom soon and an additional set of hi-hats, along with a few more cymbals. I want one set of 12" hi-hats in the regular position controlled with the left foot and a set of 14" hi-hats positioned directly in front of my controlled by a remote hi-hat pedal with my right foot. Here's a layout of what my drum set is now:

And here's how I want it to be:

I used DW's Kitbuilder to make these images, so be informed that I don't actually play DW drums and hardware. I have a Mapex Orion in Imperial Burst on a Pearl ICON rack with all Pearl Eliminator pedals. My cymbals are all TRX. DW just happens to have one of the best looking kit building programs I've seen. I know that some of the cymbals appear to get in the way of the drums in these images, but in real life, everything is lifted high enough to where nothing interferes with anything else. I'll post some real pictures as soon as I get my set up like the second picture!


  1. Double kick is for the weak :P

  2. I agree with THRASHER, looks very promising

  3. Wow. You must be one hell of a drummer. That looks amazing.

  4. sweet now post some vids and show us what you can do with that new add on ;)

    How to Hack Life.

  5. I rly would like to be able to hold a rythm, its insaly how untalented i em at drumming XD

  6. "Don't touch my drumset"
    haha cool though

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